Kanto Fureai Trail


The Kanto Fureai Trail (関東ふれあいの道), also known as the Capital Region Nature Trail (首都圏自然参道), is a network of roughly 1,799 km of hiking trails divided into 160 separate courses passing through Tokyo and the six prefectures that share its borders. It gets its two names from the fact that it passes along the foothills at the edge of the Kanto Plain, within which the capital Tokyo is located. Sticking to the foothills as it does, the trail avoids overly remote or treacherous locations, making it an ideal walk for people of all ages and skill levels, and moreover most sections can be completed as a day trip from Tokyo.

Along its many sections, the visitors get a wide variety of experiences, from stunning views of the great expanse of the Kanto Plain and Tokyo Skyline to the waves of mountains that fill the interior of the country, from rugged mountain ridges to quaint villages in the valleys and plains. And it’s not just nature: all along the trail can be found historic village temples, shrines, castle ruins, and all manner of sites with deep historic roots. As such, hiking this trail is the perfect way to get acquainted with the Kanto in a far more personal way than one could achieve with simply visiting the major tourist-oriented in the area.

Kanto Fureai Trail Map (Under Construction)

Note: This map is currently under construction. It presently only displays the portion of the trail that runs through Tokyo.

Why hike the Kanto Fureai Trail?

A quick overview of the Kanto Fureai Trail will reveal that there aren’t many famous places located along the path, nor are there many particularly large or exciting mountains to climb. So why hike this trail? The best reason may be get a more intimate experience of the Tokyo area. If you only go to the major tourist destinations, you’ll get a picture of Japan that is carefully scripted to maximize tourism potential but doesn’t actually reflect the life and environment of ordinary Japanese people. The Kanto Trail, on the contrary, was built and designed not for tourists but for the Japanese people, so you’ll avoid all that along these sections and instead see Japan as it really is.

Trail Section Info


  1. The Lake Path
  2. Coming soon
  3. Coming soon
  4. Coming soon
  5. Coming soon
  6. Coming soon
  7. Coming soon

Saitama Prefecture

Coming soon!

Gunma Prefecture

Coming eventually!

Tochigi Prefecture

Coming eventually!

Ibaraki Prefecture

Coming eventually!

Chiba Prefecture

Coming eventually!

Kanagawa Prefecture

Coming eventually!

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